Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Target makes all things better

      This morning I dropped mom off at the airport. I was sad to see her go, not only because I will miss her, but she also is a great city driver and superb parallel parker. After dropping mom off Angela and I headed to city hall to get my parking permit for my neighborhood. This is where my day when from pretty good to the 7th level of Hades. So like any big city parking downtown near a governmental building in the morning is a pain in the tuches (butt in Yiddish, I want this to be an educational blog too J). Knowing that I figured I would have to pay a bit to park, especially if I could not find a place to parallel park. So I found the parking garage and parked. So we walk across the street where the lovely lady guard informed me that it has been several years since they sold the permits at city hall. Awesome. I paid the city of Baltimore 6 dollars to tell me I had the wrong place and the right place was a bit of a walk. So I went back to apartment to look up the correct information. Luckily, I called the girl in the apartment who has a permit. Here comes the second level. I first have to go to the DMV to register my car in the state of Baltimore. Nice. Well how bad could it be, I mean it is a city so they should be able to push these people thorough right. I know I did not believe it either. After getting the lucky number 60 (they were on 42) I waited in line with the others at the DMV. Number 59 had just left the window, when they skipped my number and when to H55. NOOOOOOOOO!!! At this point, I was afraid I was going to be stuck there the whole day. Finally I made it to the window. Then we get to the third level. After looking over my paper work, the lady to my letter saying that I was interning this summer. She looks at me and says, “I don’t think this letter is going to work.” WHHHAATTT, dear lord if I had to get back in line I was going to cry. thankfully after asking around they accepted my letter because it had the start date and the amount of weeks I would be here. If they had not I would have had to come back again the next day. On top of this, there is a unusual hot spell over the north so its as hot or hotter here than it is in TN. The coffee in a plastic cup in my car had started to melt. Eeewww, I hate hot weather there are only so many clothes so can take off before they arrest you.
     So then, it was a hop skip and about 20 minutes later I had picked up my sublease agreement to take to the Public Transit. So now it was on PT. once getting there I had to wait in line again, not a big deal. However, once I was at the counter levels 4 through 7 happened. So on my contract it says to write the address OR the apartment building name, well the girl I am renting from just wrote the apartment name. unfortunately, as the man explained they could not give me the permit because I could be a crazy person looking for a permit. I know I should not have take offence to this, but it was hot and a complete stranger just said I could be a crazy person. So all I need was for my address to be on the paper, but I could not write it down on the paper right then and there, because I could be making up an address. Sweet Jesus, who would have thought getting a parking permit would be like getting an audience with Obama. So after being informed that I would have to come back tomorrow, we headed back to my car.
     Right now, Baltimore and I are not on speaking terms, we shall see what the morning brings. But the Charmed City is looking more like the tarnished city tonight. What could make my day better. Well that is where Target stepped in. I needed a few things (ink for printer, sun block, etc) that I had forgotten. After pulling my self together, we drove to Target. It was lovely. Air-conditioned, shiny floors, end cap clearance racks, heaven. I was good and only bought what was on my list a very hard thing to do let me tell you! It was nice to go to my favorite store. We got back to my apartment and chilled out. We picked up Angela’s boyfriend Nathan at Penn Station and went out for dinner. Nathan is very nice and dinner was fun. We ate at Iggies, which is a pizza place over near Angela. It was ok. I like pizza but this was over priced and the sauce was weird. But, I should point out that I am fussy about my pizza sauce. It was a cool little restaurant. You can bring your own beer or wine to have with your dinner for not extra charge. Its now late and I have to get up early so I can get over to the apartment place to get my address added and then over to the PT. so fingers crossed I can get my parking permit and make it to my internship on time! Tomorrow is the first day of my internship so we shall see what happens. 

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