Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I throw my Latkes in the air sometimes…..

           Anyone that knows me knows that I like to eat. So, I was pretty excited to come to the JMM and learn that there was going to be a food exhibit opening in September. The museum is collecting food stories as part of the exhibit. That got me to thinking about food and my experiences with food here in Baltimore.
            When I moved to Baltimore for the summer, I was excited to try the new food around me. Everyone whom I told I was going to Baltimore for the summer said, “you have to get a crab cake.” Challenge accepted! The second day I was here, I went to eat with my mom and I had my very first Baltimore Crab Cake. It was quite good! Now that I had that covered, I was ready to take on the rest of Baltimore’s food choices. Working at the JMM there are several delis near by. Ryan and I decided to check out Attman’s during our second week. What an experience. The line, the long counter, the staff yelling your order, it was great. I also started to talk to the lady behind me and she told me about Attman’s and her childhood. She remembers the people outside Attman’s selling chickens and slaughtering them for you. She also told me that I should get the hot dog and the corn beef. She said, “You eat the hog dog first, so your stomach is prepared for the corn beef sandwich. But its bad for you, so only get it once a week!” Truer word of wisdom I have never heard. I did not get the hot dog, but I did get the corn beef Ruben. It was delicious!
            Working at the JMM I spend a great deal of time working on food related projects. One of these is the JMM Brews and Schmooze First Thursday programs. We had been talking about the December program, which will feature the amazing Esther cooking her famous Latkes. That day we listened to Candlelight by the Maccabeats in the West Wing several times. After work, I went to Giant to get some groceries. I passed by some latkes mix. Well I had to try it, I still had “throw my Latkes in the air sometimes.” stuck in my head. I went home and made the mix. They turned out pretty good. The next day I told the West Wing and a few others at lunch that, I had made latkes last night out of a box. They looked at me as if I had just made the biggest faux pas in the world.  It was funny. I was told, that was no way to eat latkes and that I had to make them from starch. The things you learn during an internship, one is never touch anything with white gloves and the other is never make latkes out of a box.
            Old Bay is something that I was not that familiar with. I live in a landlocked state so we don’t have the need to put Old Bay on everything. Upon hearing that I had never had Old Bay, Ryan about died. I was informed that in order to have the true Baltimore experience I was going to have to get some Old Bay. This got me to thinking about the empty space that we had in the August Brews and Schmooze calendar. It was then that Oy Bay was created! This was going to be a program that showcased that favorite spice that Baltimoreans put on everything. I never thought I would work this hard on researching a spice. But it has been interesting. The story of Old Bays creation to why people put seasoning on crabs was something that was very cool to learn about. I am excited to put on this program! 
            To end with I wanted to say a little bit about food and my family. Food and family are a big concept in the Chosen Food exhibit. After reading some of the stories from the exhibit about food, memories it made me think about my own memories. I have just acquired some new food memories in Baltimore, which I am looking forward to telling my family about, but I wondered about all the memories with my family and friends.  Being a southerner food is a big part of my life. We eat a lot. Growing up holidays was always a time for gathering around my grandmother’s table and sitting down to eat. Its funny how something that is so repetitive like eating at a family members house every holiday can bring back some of the best memories, some that you have to think about to really remember the details. My favorite food memory is the time my Beagle, Digger, ate the blackberry cobbler. I was about ten and I came in from watching the Fourth of July fireworks outside to see Digger with his head in the blackberry cobbler (it was in the middle of the dinning room table, I might add). The memory that goofy dog and the laughing adults will always be with me. No one was mad a the loss of a good dessert, but rather enjoyed the picture of Digger covered in cobbler. You will always remember where you were the day something big happens. But I believe that it will be the conversations, hugs, and good ole Chess Pie that I will remember the most. Food is something that transcends borders and nationalities. 

This will be posted on the Jewish Museum of Maryland's blog too. I thought I would share here too. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Interns taking on DC

Thursday 23
     Today is the JMM field trip to the big city of Washington DC. We had to be at the museum at 7:50 so I had to get up at 6:30. I am not a morning person, but Mary picked me up and we headed to the JMM. We all piled into two cars to ride to the Greenbelt Metro station. Mary drove, I navigated in the front and Ryan and Emily held down the backseats. When we got to the station we tried to get day passes but because we got there thirty minutes before they sold them, we could not get them. So, we had to pay prime rates to get on the metro. BOO. By the end of the day I had to pay $15.10 to ride the metro, it sucked. You would think that they would make it cheaper so people would go green and ride it. But that’s the government. I do love riding on subways and trains so it was not a bad trip.
     After everyone had bought their tickets, we were given our scavenger hunt packets to do in our free time. Inside was the scavenger hunt and our paper pal to take pictures with. I got a vampire, which I found kind of funny. But was even funnier was that my fellow Ravenclaw got the other vampire, these were given out at random! The scavenger hunt today will give us house points to go towards the house cup. I am super competitive so this should be fun! I mean if Ravenclaw does not win, I am going to be mad. I hate loosing (just ask anyone who has played a board game with me). The subway was nice. It was crowed, but I like to people watch. When we emerged from the subway, we all split to go do things. We had about 30 minutes till all the museums opened. So, the first things first, we needed to find a Starbucks. Mary, Codi, and I found the closest one and got some much needed caffeine. I got my new favorite Mocha Coconut frap!    
Dexter Tristan Randolf III is ready for the day.


     Our first stop was Museum of American Indians. When we got inside, we found out that it was Choctaw Week. They were having dances, story telling, and music throughout the day. Mary, Codi, and I went inside and looked around. We looked at the tables that were set up in the lobby. There was a group of ladies giving out little pouches of corn to take home and cook. I asked what you were to cook with it and one of the ladies started to talk to me. She had a very Southern accent. When we walked away, she said goodbye and I said good-bye ya’ll. I thought Mary was going to pass out she was laughing so hard. I had not really spoken that Southern at the museum and she found it funny that my twang came out when I was talking to someone else with a southern accent. It was funny, I guess. They were doing the dances at 10:45 and we did not have to be at the American History Museum till 11:30. We went outside to wait for them to begin. The lady beside me started to talk to me. She was a  Choctaw and had come to see the festivities at the museum. She had actually lived in Tennessee for several years. I love meeting new people. The Choctaw dancers did one dance and then their second one was called the Partner switch. They went around and grabbed people to come dance with them. After this dance, they said that anyone that wanted to dance with them could come up. Well I figured that I was never going to see any of these people again and when was the next time I would be able to dance with Native Americans. SO, I got up and went to dance! It was so much fun! We had to walk/hop around in the circle holding onto the person’s elbow in front of you. There was a little girl behind me and the woman who was helping with the dances told me to hold onto her so she would not go flying when we sped up. That poor kid, I clung onto her arm, there was no way I was going to have that girl fly off and get hurt! That was all I needed to explain to my mentor at the museum. The dance was fun! We started out in a circle and the lead person goes around in a spiral line and twist and gets everyone to move as if a snake is winding its self up. You get tighter and faster as the song goes on. It was great! It will be something that I will remember for a long time.
Posing in front of the American Indian Museum.

The dancers getting ready for the dance.

Waiting for the dance.

Outside the museum. It is supposed to look like flowing water.

Dancing feet

Me getting ready to preform the Snake Dance.

Getting my dance on.

Almost done!

We are excited about finishing the dance! 

     We had to get to the American history museum for our tour and talk with one of the employees. As we were walking across the mall, we met up with Mary D and Emilie. I stopped to take a picture of the capital with my paper pal (his name is Dexter Tristan Randolf III, but his friends call him Humuhumunukunukuapua'aAHM and waited for our tour guide to come. Our guide had to get us these nifty orange badges in order to go to the boardroom to talk to us. She was in charge of education and programming. Ryan and I were interested in her talk because its what we want to do. I felt bad for all the collection interns because I am sure they were board. After talking to us, she took us to see the American Flag that flew over Fort McHenry during the battle during the War of 1812. It was cool. I was a little disappointed about our tour. I was hoping for a backstage look at the Smithsonian, but all we saw was the flag. I mean what is the point of getting this bright orange badge and not being able to go down into the bottom of the museum and see where they keep the stuff. I thought about seeing how far my badge would get me but I did not want to see what the inside of a federal prison looked like. Mary, Codi, and I did go and see the First Ladies dresses. 
Flowers in the garden. 

Thinking rabbit

Trying to cool off

Making a wish


         We had about an hour and a half before we had to meet at the castle. Mary and Codi wanted to go see the National Archives. Inside the National Archives are the Bill of Rights, US Constitution, and The Declaration of Independence, and the Manga Carta. YES! As a history nerd, these were some papers I needed to see. But as it was lunchtime, I wanted some food. Mary and Codi were not hungry so I grabbed a hot dog and water at a stand outside the AHM. Was it safe to eat?? Yup, it was good, salty, but pretty tasty. We walked to the archives; it was a short walk down. When you first get into the Rotunda, you pass the Magna Carta. I stopped to look at it. SO NEAT! It was written by Edward I in 1297. I mean think of all the people who have seen it? The power that it held. It was awesome! As we waited in line to see the three big American papers, the dad from the family beside me started to talk to me. He and his two daughters were from St. Louis and were visiting DC. We had a good conversation about St. Louis and DC. They were really nice and the dad was funny. We finally got to see the papers. As we were waiting in line to see the Constitution, I started to talk to the guard (me talking to a stranger in line, never). She told us all the things that were interesting about the document. There were several places were words had been inserted. The bottom of the first article has also been removed. I said that that was the part saying that women were the supreme beings. That made the guard laugh. Also, fun fact a man and his son (between 13-16) were the ones to copy the Constitution. They were paid $35.00 dollars at the time. That is about $40,000 dollars, WOW! Before I could stop my self I said, I bet the son was like “OH BOY now I can buy that buggy I want!” I had everyone laughing. I also pretended to be Canadian, because I was trying to get closer and I w said eh, which made Mary ask if I was Canadian. I was tempted to pretend to be British looking trying to get points for my house. But I thought that might get me arrested. After seeing the documents, we headed over to the castle to meet up with our group.
The National Archives

Little Robot man I found on the back of a street sign.

Pretty Flower

     On the way to the castle, we went through the Hirshhorn statue garden and another small garden beside it. The statues were interesting, but again I don’t really get modern art. The small garden was pretty. I really liked the flowers. We then met at the castle to go to the metro to head to the armory. We were meeting the women in charge of the National Guard Museum at the Armory. In front of the Armory there was this really, cool set of buildings. They were different shapes and different bold colors. We don’t know what they were for, but they were cool! Once inside the Armory, our guide talked to us about her job. She had been hired to completely redo the entire museum and create a new one. She also talked about how after coming to the museum she realized how bad of shape the museum collections were in. But that is one thing that you have to deal with when working with museums. The collection had not been worked with for several years. But they are working one cataloguing the collection and trying to restore some of the objects. It was neat. But it was sad to see the state of the collection. We did get to go down to the basement to see the cars and the cannon.  We saw the old staff car from the 1940s and we got to look inside a brand new Humvee.  
Standing up with the Humvee

The interesting building near the Armory.
     It was now time to go back to Baltimore. We got on the metro and headed back to the Greenbelt. It was a long day! So tiring. I was supposed to go to Fluid Movement practice, but we did not get back to Baltimore till 7:10 and practice was over at 7:30. I made dinner and chilled out. I was exhausted. I finished watching Merlin season 1. I really like that show. It’s goofy, but so addicting! Off to right again!  

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

OMG Can I take a picture of that!?!

Saturday June 18, 2011
     This morning I got up and walked with Mary to the Farmer’s market. I love, love the farmer’s market. I got some fresh peas, lettuce, cucumbers, and some chocolate milk! It was a nice day to walk too, but it did look like it was going to rain on us. I think that next week I may try some of the food stands. Everything looks really good! We always pass some cool houses on the way, so I took a couple of pictures today of some flowers. Next week, I think I am going to take some pictures of some of the homes on the way!
Flowers on the way to the market.

There is a little church beside the market and it had these pretty wreaths on it.

A door that we passed.

     We stopped at Starbucks to get some coffee after shopping at the market. It is nice, but also not so good that there is a Starbucks within walking distance of my apartment. I can see my money flying out of my pocket now. I got the mocha coconut frap. Awesomeness in a cup. As we were sitting outside, we noticed this hearse parked in front of Starbucks. It was decked out with rims with skulls on them. It also had skulls in the back windows. It was so strange. But the strangest part was the man who got in it. I mean he was your typical punk emo guy (skinny black pants, black shirt, slicked back hair), but he had is two daughters with him, who were dressed normally. It was a strange site. But it gets better. When he turned on the car Tequila started to play outside the car. Epic. Mary, me, and the two women sitting at the bench next to us all laughed as it pulled away. Mary and I started to talk about what those girls are going to say when they are teenagers and their dad picks them up from school in that car. I mean that car is the best warning to any future boyfriends. I can see that dad talking to the boyfriend “break her heart and I will show you the inside of the hearse. Get my drift…” It would be a exchange to see.
      I went back to put up my groceries and to make a plan for the day. I am all about plans. I know I am a nerd! I just like to know what I am doing for the day! Up the street is the Baltimore Museum of Art, so I decided to walk up the street and check out the free art! But first, I walked across the street to check out Maxie’s Pizza. This pizza place sells pizza by the slice and has a good amount to choose. I got the BBQ chicken pizza and a beer. It was so pretty outside that I got to eat out there and enjoy my beer and pizza. After eating, I walked up to the BMA. All I can say is wow. There was so much to see and it was all pretty cool! My favorite exhibit was the Cone Sister’s collection and the Renaissance paintings. The Cone sisters were two sisters from a wealthy fabric family in Baltimore. Claribel and Etta Cone, one was a doctor and the other helped to run the family business. Because of their family’s wealth and the money they earned on their own, the sisters were able to travel the world several times over. They became friends of Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. They would visit the artists in their homes in Paris and started to assemble a huge collection of artwork and other items. The sisters even had custom portraits made by the two artist. IT was so amazing to see all the art that they had collected! My new life goal is to become fabulous rich. I will then travel the world collecting amazing stuff. Along the way, I will become friends with artist who will become extremely important one day. I will then save all my collection and show it off in my home. Then when I am 100 I will die and leave it to a museum. I will then I have my own collection to share with everyone and it will be awesome! Anyways back to the collection, my all time favorite piece is a statue called “Little Dance”, by Degas. Degas is one of my favorite artists. I can’t dance, but I love his ballet dancers. They movement on the canvas and when they are captured as a statue, it is very beautiful. “The Little Dance,” is a statue of a little ballet dancer, she is standing there as if she is waiting her turn to go on stage. There is something so simple in her pose, but also something strong. You know that she will be a great dancer. The funny story is that the girl that posed for Degas was very poor. She however, got into a dance school and became a well know ballet dancer. Her story is great one of moving up in the world. I am also sure the guard in that room thinks I have a mental problem. My jaw literally dropped when I saw “The Little Dance,” I asked if I could take a picture of it (I always check because so places don’t let you). And he gave me the strangest look, like I had just asked him if the sky was blue. It was funny. Then I stood there for about ten minutes just looking at it. I don’t know what that poor man was thinking!
They had miniatures! 

Cant really tell but this is a black skull pocket watch. Pirate maybe? 

Just thought this one was pretty

"The Little Dancer"

"The Little Dancer"

Monet's London bridge series. 

More Monet London bridges.

Henri Matisse



2nd century floor tiles

The Thinker by Rodin

Thought this one was nice

King George of England IV, the one in the dress

I thought this one was also pretty. I like the expressions.

This one is famous. Its the tale of a Crusader. The woman was supposed to kill him, but when she saw him, she could not. So they got together and spoke about the Lord.

So these little ladies were in the room with me. They were super adorable and funny. I could not resist taking a picture.

        I met up with Mary and we walked to PJs, which is this dive bar that is behind the Barnes and Nobel. Someday, my other life goal is to be a regular in a place, maybe not a bar, but somewhere. The food was pretty good. I had Old Bay fries (I don’t know if I can tell Ryan that Old Bay fries are not my favorite) and a Ruben. After eating and hanging out it was time for ice cream! Having a Coldstone Creamery a block from my apartment may be an issue, but a very delicious issue! Well it has been a very long but productive day! To write again later!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Friday already?!?

      So, it’s been awhile since I have written. This week has been pretty normal nothing too exciting. Monday and Tuesday, it was busy time at the JMM. I have been working on my Brews and Schmooze events. Wednesday was the last day for the JMM to work with the Commodore Rogers middle school. So, we met at seven to head over there. It was the day before the last day of school so there were many kids out, but it still was a good time. Some of the tiles look great! The kids really got into their design and worked hard on them. The tiles are going to look great when they are installed this summer. Since we had, extra tiles Ryan and I each made one and Elena and Rachael made one together. My rule was perseverance. Elena joked that I should make a rocket ship because astronauts always persevere. Challenge accepted. I made my tile look like a rocket ship heading into outer space. I think it turned out nicely. I also was able to make one that I can take home with me. It looks like I was acid (I would not how that is, but I have seen fear and loathing in Las Vegas, so I can imagine). I did not have many things to work with so I just put some stuff together. Best part of the day was when this boy asked Ryan what his parents were. When Ryan told him his mom was Iranian, the boy asked what color was she. Ryan said, “Um olive, I guess.” The boy looked at him and very seriously asked, “Why aren’t you brown.” I almost died. Super funny. The same boy then tried to guess our ages: Ryan 39, Rachael 13, Elena 35, and me 24. It was the funniest thing. After working with the kids, we went back to the JMM. Since we got there so early, we got to leave a bit early today. It was nice! I got to go home and take a nap! I had to do some clothes, so I did those while I facebooked and played Farmville (don’t judge J). My laundry room scares the crap out of me. It looks like it belongs in a Saw movie. Creepy. After doing my laundry, it was time for dinner! As I was walking back to my apartment this afternoon, I could smell the Chinese food from across the street. So far I have not been in there to eat (that was hard), I decided to check it out! I got sweet and sour shrimp with fried rice and egg drop soup. The soup was so hot! I am sure I have third degree burns. The food was not too bad, but I think I might try the sushi next time. After dinner, I read for a bit and chilled out. Pretty boring night, but that’s what I like! I love just sitting and reading a good book. I do really want to go see a movie though! I might have to do that sometime soon. There is a movie theatre near me that plays $5.00 movies on Tuesday night!

My tile that will go up in the school.

My crazy tile to keep. Its ridiculous, I know.

My sign for my computer.

The board in the office. At the top is English ABCs, Hebrew ABCs, and Farsi ABCs. 

     Thursday night Ryan, Rachel, Rachael, Carrie, Elena and I all went out to check out this music venue to see some Baltimore talent. We are trying to get some bands to come play at Brews and Schmooze. Before, the show we ate at Sticky Rice a restaurant in Fell’s Point. It was ok. It was expensive and my main dish was below par. However, the tater tots we all split for an appetizer were good. It came with this good dipping sauce. After, eating we all headed over to hear the music. There were five performers singing. They were not bad. For most of the people this was their first time performing in front of a big group. I would never in a million years have the guts to do what they did which was get up and perform in front of everyone. Afterwards, we walked back to the museum which is a little over a mile away. My feet were killing me! I wish I had worn my tennis shoes, but what can you do.
     It’s Friday, Friday! This morning Deborah brought in her daughter to hang, out in the office for a bit. I showed her how to do a tile and then made her a paper t-shirt to go on the Father’s Day card she was making. She thought it was so cool. Deborah asked me if I ever babysit. Ilene asked Deborah if she was trying to con the interns into doing extra work. I said I do like to babysit to which Ilene asked if I liked dogs and ever house sit! Too funny. I also helped Deborah lead a tour with a History camp this morning. It was a group of about nine boys. They were really nice, listened, and asked good questions. One kid told me he loves everything about history and I did a good job, so sweet. I told him he should work in museums one day. He thought that was a very cool idea. Maybe I did not pick the wrong graduate program. 
      Also, I forgot to mention that I am now supposed to build a shelf for Ester. Ester is the manger of the museum shop. She about 85 and feisty as all get out, she reminds me of my omaOMG it was the best cake ever. She also asked me to move a box for her if I did not mind. I said, “Even if I did, I would not kvetch (complain) about it.” Ester, “You can kvetch but no one will listen, but I will.” She cracks me up on a daily bases. Also, I don’t know if I can take the silence in my office any more! It’s so quite, because no one talks while they work. I am sure I have ADD and the silence is killing me!!! I am sure Elena and Rachael think I am ignoring them but if I don’t have my iPod on I will start talking about nothing and then no one will get any work done! It is a vicious circle.
     When I got home tonight, I made rice and baked chicken with honey and apricot jam on it. It was not horrible, but missing something. I will have to work on it. I also finished my bodice ripper. It was good; they always have a good ending. I mean there would be no point to a good romance novel if they did not get together in the end. It would be like watching the old movie, Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn. That movie would have been ten times better if they had gotten together in the end! Spoiler alert for anyone who has never seen that movie. Also, who would not want to marry Gregory Peck, vintage cuteness. That is how my week went. It was a good one. I got some stuff done and got to read a good book. AND THE HARRY POTTER TRAILER CAME OUT TODAY!!!! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THE MOVIE! Ok that’s enough of all caps. However, I am excited about seeing the movie. Harry Potter has been my child/teen/college years series. I fell as if this movie is ending a period of my childhood. They have been a book series that I will always go back and reread over and over again. There is just something about the friendships and the good triumphing over evil that is so enchanting to read. I really hate (maybe strongly dislike is better) the people who say it is a horrible book series. I have learned a lot about loyalty, friendship, and other things from the books. If and when I have kids, I will hope they will also read the books. All right, I will now get off my soapbox! I am starting The Dress Lodger tonight. It looks kind of weird but could be good. 

SO EXCITED for July 15!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Coconut overload

June 13, 2011
     Well nothing really exciting happened today at work. I worked on Brews and Schmooze. I think I have found someone to come talk at the September event so that is pretty cool. I did walk with Rachael to get the van she was taking to a put up an exhibit with. It was a nice little walk and today it was beautiful! The day was not to hot (thank the lord) and there was even a breeze! After that, Ryan and I put together a shelf for Mrs. Ester (who runs the museum shop) and reorganized the supply closet (it was fun, don’t hate). It was then time for lunch. Elena and Rachel were going to walk to Whole Foods (about a 15 minute walk) for lunch and invited Ryan and me to come. I had already packed my lunch but a walked sounded nice. We walked through Little Italy on our way to the store. The row homes are so cute! I like the concept of row homes, just not the parking on the street thing. I like the idea of having a drive way or at least parking in the back! I was able to get coffee at Whole Foods, which was awesome! I made my cup this morning and then left it on the counter (big bummer). After lunch, it was more Brews and Schmooze work and then it was the Proposal Workshop with Avi, the director. The workshop was helpful; I think I now have all the steps to write a fairly decent proposal. Then it was back to working on Brews and Schmooze (this is going to be my big project for the summer so get ready to hear all about it). I also had me meeting with Elena, which went well. Then it was time to go home!
     I decided yesterday to make coconut chicken, but because I ate that awesome calzone, I did not make anything for dinner. So today, I was going make it. I will post the recipe for it later. I have never fried anything before, so it was something completely out of my comfort zone. They turned out nice, well the first couple were a little blacker than I would have liked but I wanted to make sure I cooked the chicken all the way. I also thought it would be a good idea to make coconut rice to go with, kind of a tropical theme. The rice was good, but it was coconut overload! Still good though. It think tomorrow I am going to take the left over chicken and put it on a salad. Don’t really know what else to do with left over coconut chicken strips. It’s late and I am going to go read for a bit! I decided to read one of my mindless bodice rippers instead of the Swan Thief (its next). To write again tomorrow!

Recipe is found on this blog. 

Laugh Section
How can you not smile at this!

Free Books= 1 Happy Intern

June 12, 2011
     Today is the Annual Meeting for the JMM. My mentor was in charge of setting up so I had to get there a little bit earlier than most people, which was ok with me. Before, I had to get all dressed up though I decided to go to the Book Thing. The Book Thing is a free bookstore about six blocks from my apartment. I got to the Book Thing with about 30 minutes to look before I had to get back to my apartment and get ready. It was time to break the sound barrier. Did I mention I love books and free things? This place was meant for me. I may have though taken more books that I needed too. However, that’s the great thing about the Book Thing, I can look over all the books and re-donate the books I have second thoughts about back for someone else to have. I really want to open one of these stores in Nashville. I think people would really dig it. I could see it working in East Nashville. Hum, maybe I will quit grade school and open my own free bookstore with a coffee shop next to it. It has always been a dream of mine to own a bookstore. This stems from when I was little and I used to go Mrs. Parker’s bookstore. I am sure that I could have been locked in it over night and been perfectly all right with it. Anyways, I got about 20 books to read. Now, a few were cookbooks and a few of the books are for friends, but like I said, I may have gone a little crazy. I got back to my apartment, showered, dried my hair, and changed in 25 minutes! I was highly impressed with myself.
     Mary picked me for the annual meeting, which was super nice! We got to the JMM and hung out with Ryan and Elena until it was time for us to start ground control. Mary and I were in charge of making sure latecomers coming in where quiet once the meeting had started. The meeting went well. I was in the very back so I did not hear much, but what I did hear was good. I mean how much fun are meetings?!? This one did not put me to sleep, so it did a decent job at presentation. The best part was the kosher desserts after the meeting. I should probably explain kosher foods. I hope I do not get this confused, but what kosher really means is the process in which food has made has been approve by a Rabbi. Meaning that if it is a dairy product it is not made with the same tools as meat products and vice versa. There are different levels of kosherness, but that is way to complicated for me to explain now! Back to the desserts. The best cookie was the chocolate tops (its a Baltimore/ Norther thing), which are sugar type cookies with fudge on top of them. I also liked the butter cookies dipped in chocolate, yummy. There was also fresh fruit, which was also delicious (yay for watermelon and cantaloupe).
     After helping to clean up and eat another chocolate top the interns (me, Mary, Carrie, and Codi) and the staff (Rachel and Jennifer) headed to the Festival of Saint Anthony in Little Italy. The Festival of Saint Anthony has a good story (I was told this is a true story, so if you ever find out it’s a lie, don’t tell me, because I like the story too much! J). In February of 1904, Baltimore caught on fire (kind of like the Great Chicago Fire); the fire was heading for little Italy. The people of Little Italy took the statue of Saint Anthony and carried him to the falls (the little creek/body of water) that runs near it and tossed Saint Anthony in. They then prayed to God and Saint Anthony to spare Little Italy from the fire. Well what do you know, the fire was brought under control and Little Italy was not touched. Therefore, since that year they hold a festival in June (because it’s too cold in February to have a street festival) to celebrate the miracle of Saint Anthony. This history message was brought to you by the one-minute history lesson by Morgan Byrn. The other interns and I wanted to experience as much of Baltimore culture as possible so we had to go to this festival. It was really cool. Lots of food and old Italians were all around. After walking around for a bit, we stopped to get food. I got a calzone, which was HUGE. This was not the normal calzone that I am used to. Usually, it’s just like a pizza but in a pocket, but not this one. It was ground beef, rice, and sauce wrapped up in dough and FRIED (apparently frying is not just a Southern thing). Oh My God, it was so good. I want to learn to make them! As we were eating, we saw Ms. Karen who also works at the JMM doing interviews for the Food exhibit coming up. I got to be interviewed about my take on food and the memories that I associate with it. It was fun; she asked me which food described me. I said sweet tea (I know its not really a food) because I am sweet (most of the time) and I am southern. If you can think of a better food to describe me, let me know. Before, leaving I had to get an Italian ice. Yummy watermelon and cheery, a good way to finish up the day. We cut the festival short though because the clouds above us were turning angry. We had about three and half blocks to go when it started to sprinkle big drops and the wind started to pick up. Using my umbrella was useless. When we had a block to go it stated to pour. I was soaked before I got to the car! At least though, the rain dropped the temperature. It was raining so hard we had to sit in the parking lot for a few minutes. Once I got back to my apartment it was time to chill out! I did a load of clothes and played around on my laptop. It was nice! I also started to read Swan Thief. It is by the same author who wrote The Historian, which I really liked. Its really intensely long though, so I may read one of the short bodice rippers I got at the Book Thing first, we shall see.  


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“As the poet said, 'Only God can make a tree' -- probably because it's so hard to figure out how to get the bark on.”- Woody Allen