Thursday, July 28, 2011

It All Ends Tonight!!
HARRY POTTER TONIGHT!! I am so EXCITED to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 tonight! With this movie, a little bit of my childhood ends. I have grown up with the books and they were a great love when I was younger and even now. There is nothing better than reading a book that has good wining over evil, shows how strong the bonds of friendship can be, and the power of loving friends and family. I have wondered if JK Rowling will write more Harry Potter books. Even if I am 40 and she publishes a new book, I will buy it. The books might not be compared to Shakespeare's plays, but to my generation they are just as important as Shakespeare is. Also, you can hate a woman who got so many children and even adults to read again! And to those people who say that its evil, they zip it. The world has too much war and hate in it, to blame a book for peoples downfalls. Its fiction and it tells a wonderful story. Well, that is enough soapbox time!
So, I could not concentrate at work today so I left a bit early to go home, change, and get ready to pick up my movie buddies! Angela, Mary, and I all pilled into my car and went to the Egyptian Movie Theatre. It was only about 20 minutes away. It’s in a mall that is the exact layout of the Opry Mills mall. Which was awesome, because the movie theatre was HUGE! We got there and there was already a line, but we were hungry so we went in search of food. We ate at Chevy’s Fresh Mex. It was near the movie theatre and it looked good. The plates were GIANT! We got so much food!! But it was yummy and I was able to caffeine up on some Mountain Dew. After eating, we got in line for the first part, which was at nine so we got in line at seven. We found out that some of the people in line had been there since 6am! I am a fan of Harry Potter, but I could not have made it at 6am to watch the movie. Now, if it was in London and the stars were going to be there, then yes, but for just the movie, no. Of course, I made friends with the people around us in line. I mean if you are going to stand in line with these people for and hour, you might as well say hello. They let us in at 8ish. So everyone was sprinting into the theatre. We got good seats together, which was good because I was a little worried that we would have to split up!
Once we were settled, into our seats, Mary and I hit up the concession stand. I needed an over priced coke, plus cokes from fountains always taste better. The concession stand was so cool. You got to get your own food and drinks. Which was epic! I hate ice in my cokes, mostly because they ALWAYS put too much in and then you get water down coke that was 6 bucks! So I got to get an entire cup of coke with no ice!!!! And they had kazoozles, which are like crack, so I had to buy a pack! So, now that I had lots of sugar to keep me up for five hours I was good to go! But lets face it, would I have fallen asleep, probably not because I was too excited. But who can pass up a nice sugar rush!
The costumes were great. I wore my Gryffindor Quidditch shirt, glow in the dark Harry Potter glasses, and my wand. So, I was ready to go, but some people were dress to impress. I kinda wish I had cool robes to wear, but they are expensive! But if I had remembered to bring my college graduation robe, I could have pulled it off!! Rita Skeeter and Luna Lovegoods in our theatre costumes were awesome, I mean they were really cool! They two ladies (Luna was probably my age but not much younger) had taken a lot of time to get their costumes right.
While waiting in line for the movie they passes 3D Harry Potter glasses. How cool is that?!? I was super excited to get them! Won’t be recycling those! We bought the double feature tickets, so we got to watch part one again. I love Part 1! I still cry at the end (I know I am a huge cry baby!). Once part one ended I booked it to the bathroom, because lets face it the girls line is always ten times longer than the boys line. We were so excited about the second part! You could just feel the emotions from everyone in the theatre, as midnight got closer. The lady beside Mary was too funny. She started talking to us, because that’s what you do when you are sitting next to people for long periods of time, and she liked my glow in the dark glasses. She was super funny and she provided good commentary on the people in the theatre. And then FINALLY IT WAS MIDNIGHT!!!!
What can I say about the movie, one word AWESOME. It was amazing! It was epic! I have a feeling that people are going to be critical of the ending and the liberties they take with it, but I really liked what they did with it. Also, it’s a movie, not the book, so you got to get passed that! And the best part was the kept my favorite line in it, which is the line Mrs. Weasley yells to Evil witch Bellatrix Lestrange, it was amazing! I also cried like a baby from the time Snape died to the end. I get to emotional at movies, but its ok. I mean you could hear sniffles around the theatre. Also, love watching movies with Harry Potter people, because they are quite during the movie. Twilight movies are fun, but if I had to listen to the mother in front of my at the New Moon premier scream every time Jacob came on screen I was going to throw my popcorn at her! When the lights came on in the movie theatre, you could see the bloodshot eyes of the criers and the people who had stayed up too late!
I finally got home at 3:15 am. However, I could not fall asleep until 6am. That is the last time I remember looking at my watch. Then my alarm went off at 7:25am. DEAR GOD I WAS SO TIRED! I got up showered and then went to Starbucks. We are having a school group today at the museum in the morning. I need some form of caffeine in my body before I dealt with small children. I am not sure how I functioned at work today. It was all a haze. I do remember talking a lot this morning, which would not be that unusually, but it was more than normal. When I don’t get enough sleep, I just start talking to keep my self-awake. This has not happened since junior year at Converse. When for a period of like three days I got 12 hours of sleep. It was not a good experience. I got in trouble in Dr. Walker’s class and poor Coach Moore did not know what to do with me in volleyball. Therefore, I promised my self I would never do that again. Ooops. Oh well it was for a good cause! I am totally going to bed early tonight.

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