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A Little Late, but the grand adventures in the BIG city of DC

July 8 2010
     Today I went to DC on the Marc Train. Laura Miles, a great friend from Converse and a fellow troublemaker was in DC for the weekend, apartment hunting. I parked at Penn Station and then took the train into Union Station in DC. I LOVE TRAINS!! They might be my favorite transportation. On the train, I rode next to this group of Germans. I was tempted to say something in German, but I did not want to be rude, plus I was not sure if they were German or Dutch. I had time to kill before meeting Laura, so I walked from Union Station to the National Gallery of Art. It was EPIC! My mind was blown at all the cool art that I got to see. There was so much, there are two separate buildings! Cool fact they are linked by underground a tunnel.
I got to see a Raphael, Metsu, Monet, Degas, Leonardo da Vinci, three Vermeer, and so much more! I was in heaven. In the Metsu exhibit, there was a painting on loan from the Queen of England, how cool is that. Mostly I want to be Queen so I can have awesome art hanging around my home. I love looking at paintings and trying to picture how the people lived that were being painted. Was the woman in the painting having a good day when she was painted? Was this a painting for a husband or lover? Did that general really think putting his hand on his hip made him look super masculine. The stories that painting can tell are amazing. Moreover, if you think about it, we wont have a representation of our time. I mean no one but the rich are their portraits painted any more and painters don’t really paint people doing things, because you can capture that with film. However, film won’t last. So, what will future generations think of our society. I believe that they will think that we like lines and random stuff thrown together and that only stuffy looking people had their portraits painted. It’s interesting to think about. I want to go back before the summer is over. I am pretty sure I could spend all day there. I know that DC is a big city and has its problems, but I could totally live in the burbs, if it meant I could go see free art any time I wanted. I would love to work there one day. I met up with Laura at the National Gallery and we were hungry so we headed out for lunch.     
     Since we did not have a lot of time, we opted for something faster. We had lunch at Au bon pair. It was yummy, I had chicken salad. It’s kind of like Panera Bread, except better and a tab bit more money. It was nice to sit and catch up. Laura will be going to graduate school in DC (So excited for her!!!) in the fall, so she was there looking at apartments. I am jealous that she gets to live in a neat city, but not too much, because she said I can come visit!! I am glad that I was able to become friends with her at Converse. She will do great things with art therapy. Also, I don’t know if I could have made it through volleyball with out her!
     After, lunch we headed over to the Folk Life Festival, its put on by the Smithsonian. It takes up a huge chunk of the mall. The festival was cool. We only got to see the Peace Core area, because it the started to pour, before we could continue to the other areas. We ducked into the festival market shop, so much cool stuff to buy. I almost bought this cute Indian dress, but I decided to save my money, but Laura got a really cute one. It was still raining so we went the National Museum of Natural History.
     The new mammal exhibit was awesome. There were so many animals to see. It was cool. We also got to see the new evolution exhibit. It was so neat. I wish I had more time to look at it, but there was so much to see and it was getting late. I think my anthropology professor at Wofford would have loved this exhibit. It was awesome! We went upstairs to see the Hope Diamond too. I love looking at all the jewelry, so sparkly. The Hope Diamond is in a new setting for a limited time for some reason, but I don’t really care for it. I like its original setting. I also love that the woman who owned it in the 20s used to hide it under her couch cushions.
     It was getting late so I had to head back to the train station. I was so glad that I got to see Laura! I had an awesome day! I was super tired, but it was well worth the three plus miles I walked today! 
The Capital

Ducks in the reflecting pool in front of the Grant Statue. 


 Vermeer (LOVE HIM)

I just loved this woman's dress.

From the 1400s! 


Degas! He is my favorite artist! 

Mammal exhibit

So cool

T Rex. I should point out the the hot guys that are not in the picture we laughing. I am not sure at me or with me, but I am going to go with me, because who would not want a picture like this! 

Worn by napoleon's second wife Marie Louise. I would like this for my birthday please!

Look at how it sparkles! 

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