Sunday, June 12, 2011

Good Ole’ Shrimp Boil and Greek Food

June 11, 2011
     Today is Saturday!! Woot! I found out that there is a Farmer’s market near my apartment. Mary, who lives a couple of blocks up from me, went to check it out. I was super glad to see that my milk people are at this farmer’s market too! Unfortunately, I forgot my empty bottle and did not want to pay another deposit. I will just have to get chocolate milk next week. There were lots of good things to eat and buy! I got some cherries to eat this week. I can’t wait to go back in get bread and some more veggies. The second Mary got lettuce it stared to sprinkle! Not too bad, but the sky looked dreadful. We headed back to my apartment to drop off the stuff before we headed to the Greek Fest. About a block and a half from my apartment, it started to pour! We ducked under the Eddies overhang and waited for the rain to stop. It was pouring! It finally let up and we headed to m place. All of a sudden, I hear “Morgan”. Since I don’t know but about two people in Baltimore I looked around in a confused manor. I then spotted Sid the director for my Fluid Movement scene. Small world! Since it was raining, we decided to wait a minute before heading to the Greek Fest.
     Once the rain stopped, we started on our way to the Greek Fest! But before we got started, I had to get gas. I found the closest one, which was a Royal Farms (it’s a Maryland chain I think?). It is pretty cheap gas and it’s not in a sketchy part of time! While I was pumping gas, the lady on the other side started to talk to me. The pump was so slow! She saw that I was wearing my Canyon De Chlley t-shirt and told me that she was from Arizona. We chatted for a few minutes and then she was done pumping her gas. I love talking to random people while waiting in line! We finally got to the Greek Fest, which is in Greek town and met up with Carrie (another intern). The Nashville Greek Fest is awesome, so I was hoping for just as much awesomeness at the Baltimore one. It was a tiny bit of a let down. There was not much there and the pastry section was barren. BUT the food was delicious! I got Chicken Souvlaki with rice and a Tyropita (filo dough filled with 3 kinds of cheese). It was really good. I could eat a Tyropita everyday if I could. We were eating in the downstairs dinning hall so we got to watch the kids dance. It is always nice to see them dance! Mostly because I wish, I was Greek and could dance with them. Soon it was time to head out. I dropped off Mary and Carrie it was time to get ready for Elena’s Shrimp boil! Elena is my mentor at the JMM and is from North Carolina. Her back yard had official become North Carolina for the night. Elena has her own blog about food and was even in Southern Living last month! The food was amazing. The boil consisted of potatoes, corn, sausage, mussels, and shrimp-yummy! There was beer can chicken on the grill and corn on the cob too. So much good food!!!! After everyone had eaten the boil, Elena washed out the pot and it was time to fry things (a true Southerner). There was fried okra, pickles, doughnuts, and cheesecake. OMG SO GOOD! The shrimp boil was a success. It was nice to hang out with Elena and Dan, Rachael, Rachel, and Jobie and some of Elena’s family and friends. Everyone was really good and it was fun to get out of my apartment and eat good food and hang out with people! Well I am stuffed and its bedtime! Book Thing and the Annual meting tomorrow.
Lunch at the Greek Fest

Start of the Shrimp Boil. Look at all that good food!

Beer Chicken, getting a little friendly

Time to EAT

Let's get ready to fry!

Fried doughnuts!

Good food

Close up

Fried pickles and okra
Laugh section
Love this comic strip

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