Monday, June 13, 2011

Coconut overload

June 13, 2011
     Well nothing really exciting happened today at work. I worked on Brews and Schmooze. I think I have found someone to come talk at the September event so that is pretty cool. I did walk with Rachael to get the van she was taking to a put up an exhibit with. It was a nice little walk and today it was beautiful! The day was not to hot (thank the lord) and there was even a breeze! After that, Ryan and I put together a shelf for Mrs. Ester (who runs the museum shop) and reorganized the supply closet (it was fun, don’t hate). It was then time for lunch. Elena and Rachel were going to walk to Whole Foods (about a 15 minute walk) for lunch and invited Ryan and me to come. I had already packed my lunch but a walked sounded nice. We walked through Little Italy on our way to the store. The row homes are so cute! I like the concept of row homes, just not the parking on the street thing. I like the idea of having a drive way or at least parking in the back! I was able to get coffee at Whole Foods, which was awesome! I made my cup this morning and then left it on the counter (big bummer). After lunch, it was more Brews and Schmooze work and then it was the Proposal Workshop with Avi, the director. The workshop was helpful; I think I now have all the steps to write a fairly decent proposal. Then it was back to working on Brews and Schmooze (this is going to be my big project for the summer so get ready to hear all about it). I also had me meeting with Elena, which went well. Then it was time to go home!
     I decided yesterday to make coconut chicken, but because I ate that awesome calzone, I did not make anything for dinner. So today, I was going make it. I will post the recipe for it later. I have never fried anything before, so it was something completely out of my comfort zone. They turned out nice, well the first couple were a little blacker than I would have liked but I wanted to make sure I cooked the chicken all the way. I also thought it would be a good idea to make coconut rice to go with, kind of a tropical theme. The rice was good, but it was coconut overload! Still good though. It think tomorrow I am going to take the left over chicken and put it on a salad. Don’t really know what else to do with left over coconut chicken strips. It’s late and I am going to go read for a bit! I decided to read one of my mindless bodice rippers instead of the Swan Thief (its next). To write again tomorrow!

Recipe is found on this blog.

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How can you not smile at this!

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