Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Friday already?!?

      So, it’s been awhile since I have written. This week has been pretty normal nothing too exciting. Monday and Tuesday, it was busy time at the JMM. I have been working on my Brews and Schmooze events. Wednesday was the last day for the JMM to work with the Commodore Rogers middle school. So, we met at seven to head over there. It was the day before the last day of school so there were many kids out, but it still was a good time. Some of the tiles look great! The kids really got into their design and worked hard on them. The tiles are going to look great when they are installed this summer. Since we had, extra tiles Ryan and I each made one and Elena and Rachael made one together. My rule was perseverance. Elena joked that I should make a rocket ship because astronauts always persevere. Challenge accepted. I made my tile look like a rocket ship heading into outer space. I think it turned out nicely. I also was able to make one that I can take home with me. It looks like I was acid (I would not how that is, but I have seen fear and loathing in Las Vegas, so I can imagine). I did not have many things to work with so I just put some stuff together. Best part of the day was when this boy asked Ryan what his parents were. When Ryan told him his mom was Iranian, the boy asked what color was she. Ryan said, “Um olive, I guess.” The boy looked at him and very seriously asked, “Why aren’t you brown.” I almost died. Super funny. The same boy then tried to guess our ages: Ryan 39, Rachael 13, Elena 35, and me 24. It was the funniest thing. After working with the kids, we went back to the JMM. Since we got there so early, we got to leave a bit early today. It was nice! I got to go home and take a nap! I had to do some clothes, so I did those while I facebooked and played Farmville (don’t judge J). My laundry room scares the crap out of me. It looks like it belongs in a Saw movie. Creepy. After doing my laundry, it was time for dinner! As I was walking back to my apartment this afternoon, I could smell the Chinese food from across the street. So far I have not been in there to eat (that was hard), I decided to check it out! I got sweet and sour shrimp with fried rice and egg drop soup. The soup was so hot! I am sure I have third degree burns. The food was not too bad, but I think I might try the sushi next time. After dinner, I read for a bit and chilled out. Pretty boring night, but that’s what I like! I love just sitting and reading a good book. I do really want to go see a movie though! I might have to do that sometime soon. There is a movie theatre near me that plays $5.00 movies on Tuesday night!

My tile that will go up in the school.

My crazy tile to keep. Its ridiculous, I know.

My sign for my computer.

The board in the office. At the top is English ABCs, Hebrew ABCs, and Farsi ABCs. 

     Thursday night Ryan, Rachel, Rachael, Carrie, Elena and I all went out to check out this music venue to see some Baltimore talent. We are trying to get some bands to come play at Brews and Schmooze. Before, the show we ate at Sticky Rice a restaurant in Fell’s Point. It was ok. It was expensive and my main dish was below par. However, the tater tots we all split for an appetizer were good. It came with this good dipping sauce. After, eating we all headed over to hear the music. There were five performers singing. They were not bad. For most of the people this was their first time performing in front of a big group. I would never in a million years have the guts to do what they did which was get up and perform in front of everyone. Afterwards, we walked back to the museum which is a little over a mile away. My feet were killing me! I wish I had worn my tennis shoes, but what can you do.
     It’s Friday, Friday! This morning Deborah brought in her daughter to hang, out in the office for a bit. I showed her how to do a tile and then made her a paper t-shirt to go on the Father’s Day card she was making. She thought it was so cool. Deborah asked me if I ever babysit. Ilene asked Deborah if she was trying to con the interns into doing extra work. I said I do like to babysit to which Ilene asked if I liked dogs and ever house sit! Too funny. I also helped Deborah lead a tour with a History camp this morning. It was a group of about nine boys. They were really nice, listened, and asked good questions. One kid told me he loves everything about history and I did a good job, so sweet. I told him he should work in museums one day. He thought that was a very cool idea. Maybe I did not pick the wrong graduate program. 
      Also, I forgot to mention that I am now supposed to build a shelf for Ester. Ester is the manger of the museum shop. She about 85 and feisty as all get out, she reminds me of my omaOMG it was the best cake ever. She also asked me to move a box for her if I did not mind. I said, “Even if I did, I would not kvetch (complain) about it.” Ester, “You can kvetch but no one will listen, but I will.” She cracks me up on a daily bases. Also, I don’t know if I can take the silence in my office any more! It’s so quite, because no one talks while they work. I am sure I have ADD and the silence is killing me!!! I am sure Elena and Rachael think I am ignoring them but if I don’t have my iPod on I will start talking about nothing and then no one will get any work done! It is a vicious circle.
     When I got home tonight, I made rice and baked chicken with honey and apricot jam on it. It was not horrible, but missing something. I will have to work on it. I also finished my bodice ripper. It was good; they always have a good ending. I mean there would be no point to a good romance novel if they did not get together in the end. It would be like watching the old movie, Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn. That movie would have been ten times better if they had gotten together in the end! Spoiler alert for anyone who has never seen that movie. Also, who would not want to marry Gregory Peck, vintage cuteness. That is how my week went. It was a good one. I got some stuff done and got to read a good book. AND THE HARRY POTTER TRAILER CAME OUT TODAY!!!! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THE MOVIE! Ok that’s enough of all caps. However, I am excited about seeing the movie. Harry Potter has been my child/teen/college years series. I fell as if this movie is ending a period of my childhood. They have been a book series that I will always go back and reread over and over again. There is just something about the friendships and the good triumphing over evil that is so enchanting to read. I really hate (maybe strongly dislike is better) the people who say it is a horrible book series. I have learned a lot about loyalty, friendship, and other things from the books. If and when I have kids, I will hope they will also read the books. All right, I will now get off my soapbox! I am starting The Dress Lodger tonight. It looks kind of weird but could be good. 

SO EXCITED for July 15!

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