Monday, June 6, 2011

Please for the love of all things Holy do not touch that!

June 6, 2011
  So today the JMM had 130 eighth graders to see the exhibits and the synagogues and it was an experience. The groups were broken into four groups, two went to the synagogues and the other two were split between the two exhibits. Ryan and I were in charge of making sure the students did not break any thing in the Voices Exhibits and to help them if they had questions on the scavenger hunt. Working with eighth graders today made me realize I never want to teach middle school. It was as if I was playing police today. After asking them not, to touch stuff they did it any way. I told one girl to get off the platform (nicely) and that she could touch, the sewing machine but she could not touch the real ones. So what did she do, she touched the real one right in front of me. I could have slapped her. I wanted to ask her if her mom raised her in a barn, but I was nice about it. Then one girl got right up in my face and asked me why Jews go to church on Saturdays, because that was weird. And another one asked me why they had to wear all those funny hats. I did not know what to do! I answered both of their questions but the looks they gave me were priceless.  They (not all of them) also had the worst attitude about doing the scavenger hunt. It was crazy, but we made it through the morning. But I did learn that I do like working with the students that want to learn. I also like answering questions that the kids have. Sometimes you have to take the bad kids with the good kids!
            The students also got to watch Immigrant Trunks. Immigrant Trunks is a great program in which the museum uses the stories of the immigrants who came to Baltimore. Several years ago, a girl interviewed her grandmother for a school project. Her grandmother had immigrated to the US in 1913 at the age of 17. She told her the story of her life before and after immigration. Well the granddaughter gave the interview and the pictures to the museum. So now, one of the more popular trunks is this woman’s story. It was really good and I think that it is a very good story for students to hear. I was a little miffed that so many of them were talking and moving, but there was nothing to be done really. The teachers were good about getting them to stop so that was good. Ryan and I did survive and will have to do it all again tomorrow!
            After lunch I sat down with my mentor Elena, and talked about Brews & Schmooze, the program I will be working on this summer. We talked about how they want me to make the program a more lasting program and getting the programs nailed down until December. It is a little overwhelming but I think that it will be a good experience. I will also be helping with the Food exhibit that will go up in September. It is going to be an exciting time at the JMM. I hope I can do everything to their liking!            
            When I got home tonight I decided to make tacos! I have not made them in forever. They turned out pretty good! I am pretty exited that I am getting a hang of cooking! Plus I got to use my new homemade salsa I bought yesterday! My roommate came in today from her trip to visit her family so I split my dinner. She did not die and had seconds so I guess it was a good meal! She seems very nice and will be a cool roommate to have for the summer. So tomorrow is the first rehearsal for the Fluid Movement show, I am so nervous! However, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun! I will let you know how it goes tomorrow! It’s late and I have to deal with another group of 100 plus eighth graders in the morning! I am going to be now!! 

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