Thursday, June 9, 2011

Too Hot for this Southerner

June 8, 2011

     This morning Elena and Rachel were going over to the turnaround school (a school the federal government has taken over and redone)  in Baltimore to work with the 6th and 7th graders on their mosaics, so Ryan and I went with them. The JMM is working with the kids to make tiles that represent the schools five values. The tiles will be permanently installed in the school during the summer for all to see. We had to get to the JMM by 7, which means I had to wake up at 5:50 to shower and get ready! I was so tired! But Elena was sweet enough to get everyone coffee! As soon, as we got to the school and I had set my box of tiles down, my coffee fell off the desk onto the floor and the entire contents minus two sips was lost! I wanted to cry, I was about to work with middle school kids with no coffee in my system. I was hoping I would get a little caffeine via the fumes from the spilt coffee to make it through the morning! 
     The students came into the classroom ready to leave for the afternoon (school was closing at 11:30 because of the 100 degree heat). I don’t understand middle school age kids. Their immaturity was killing me. I kept hoping I was not this bad when I was in middle school. If I was I apologize now. If they were not yelling at one another, they were running around the room (not figuratively speaking). There were some very sweet ones don’t get me wrong, but most were acting like they had never seen a classroom before. They were also saying that’s what she said jokes (and actually getting them right) which was uncomfortable. I mean its funny when a college kid says it but when a 6th grader says it to you, its just weird.
     Their tiles turned out well though. Some of the students really got into their artwork. The best part was Lorning Cornish, the artist who the students had been looking to as an example, came to the school to see the tile progress and meet with the kids. He took time and looked at all the tiles. He then talked to the students about why they picked the pictures or art to go on the tiles. You could tell that the students really liked that he was interested in their artwork. I should mention that Mr. Cornish is a mosaic artist. His entire home is mosaics. I have seen pictures and it is super cool!  
     After we got out of the school, I went back to my apartment and ate my HOMEMADE chicken salad for lunch! I was super proud of it! I decided it was too damn hot to do anything buy take a nap in the one room that has air conditioning, my room! I am from the south and it is pretty freaking hot, but it’s hotter in Baltimore than in Nashville right! Mother nature is having a freak out over Baltimore right now and it’s hotter than it’s been in years this early in the summer. The schools have been closing early around the city because they can’t keep the rooms cool. I also don’t get this no central air thing. I don’t like sweating in my living room. Gross. After my very lovely nap, which was more like an epic nap, it was time to start making dinner. I decided to make shepherds pie. I have never made it before but mom makes a killer one. Since I have little money eating in is supposed to be cheaper, I am trying out new recipes. This one turned out great! I am glad that I have found a easy thing to make. It’s a little time consuming waiting for the potatoes to boil, but not too bad!
     After dinner, I went to go get ice cream at Cold Stone, which is a block and a half from my apartment. It has been so hot that I have been wanting ice cream for about a week! So I get in line behind these two moms and their three little boys. They were the funniest kids ever. First, they were dancing and singing in line. Awesome! When they got to the where the ice cream was the littlest one started to sing, “Banana ice cream, Banana ice cream, ewwww! Banana ice cream, Banana ice cream, ewwww!” I laughed at this song and he turned to look at me and gave me the funniest look ever! Then while the moms were paying he turned to me and said, “Why do you like Pink Ice cream?” I said “Because raspberries are yummy.” He said “I got sprinkles they’re delicious!” To which I said “I got sprinkles too, but there chocolate.” He looks at me and says “Oh. (pause) That’s funny.” Then his mom said for him to follow her, and then said “Bye, but I am not really leaving.” It was the best conversation I have had in a line in a while. This is one of the reasons I love Hollystreet so much, kids say the best things. I finished Miranda tonight on YouTube, which I think is fun way to spend my night (boring to most people). I love love that show! I wish it aired in the US. Its funny, I got all these books to read, but I can’t seem to read anything. This past year in graduate school all I did was read 24/7. Now that I can read for fun, I can’t do it! I am going to sit down tomorrow night and try to start my new book though! Thus ends my day off for my first Jewish Holiday. Tomorrow is the second say of the holiday so the interns were given a scavenger hunt to do. Mary (another intern) and I are going to meet up and do it together! I can’t wait to go to the Walters Art Museum. It looks so cool! 

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