Wednesday, June 22, 2011

OMG Can I take a picture of that!?!

Saturday June 18, 2011
     This morning I got up and walked with Mary to the Farmer’s market. I love, love the farmer’s market. I got some fresh peas, lettuce, cucumbers, and some chocolate milk! It was a nice day to walk too, but it did look like it was going to rain on us. I think that next week I may try some of the food stands. Everything looks really good! We always pass some cool houses on the way, so I took a couple of pictures today of some flowers. Next week, I think I am going to take some pictures of some of the homes on the way!
Flowers on the way to the market.

There is a little church beside the market and it had these pretty wreaths on it.

A door that we passed.

     We stopped at Starbucks to get some coffee after shopping at the market. It is nice, but also not so good that there is a Starbucks within walking distance of my apartment. I can see my money flying out of my pocket now. I got the mocha coconut frap. Awesomeness in a cup. As we were sitting outside, we noticed this hearse parked in front of Starbucks. It was decked out with rims with skulls on them. It also had skulls in the back windows. It was so strange. But the strangest part was the man who got in it. I mean he was your typical punk emo guy (skinny black pants, black shirt, slicked back hair), but he had is two daughters with him, who were dressed normally. It was a strange site. But it gets better. When he turned on the car Tequila started to play outside the car. Epic. Mary, me, and the two women sitting at the bench next to us all laughed as it pulled away. Mary and I started to talk about what those girls are going to say when they are teenagers and their dad picks them up from school in that car. I mean that car is the best warning to any future boyfriends. I can see that dad talking to the boyfriend “break her heart and I will show you the inside of the hearse. Get my drift…” It would be a exchange to see.
      I went back to put up my groceries and to make a plan for the day. I am all about plans. I know I am a nerd! I just like to know what I am doing for the day! Up the street is the Baltimore Museum of Art, so I decided to walk up the street and check out the free art! But first, I walked across the street to check out Maxie’s Pizza. This pizza place sells pizza by the slice and has a good amount to choose. I got the BBQ chicken pizza and a beer. It was so pretty outside that I got to eat out there and enjoy my beer and pizza. After eating, I walked up to the BMA. All I can say is wow. There was so much to see and it was all pretty cool! My favorite exhibit was the Cone Sister’s collection and the Renaissance paintings. The Cone sisters were two sisters from a wealthy fabric family in Baltimore. Claribel and Etta Cone, one was a doctor and the other helped to run the family business. Because of their family’s wealth and the money they earned on their own, the sisters were able to travel the world several times over. They became friends of Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. They would visit the artists in their homes in Paris and started to assemble a huge collection of artwork and other items. The sisters even had custom portraits made by the two artist. IT was so amazing to see all the art that they had collected! My new life goal is to become fabulous rich. I will then travel the world collecting amazing stuff. Along the way, I will become friends with artist who will become extremely important one day. I will then save all my collection and show it off in my home. Then when I am 100 I will die and leave it to a museum. I will then I have my own collection to share with everyone and it will be awesome! Anyways back to the collection, my all time favorite piece is a statue called “Little Dance”, by Degas. Degas is one of my favorite artists. I can’t dance, but I love his ballet dancers. They movement on the canvas and when they are captured as a statue, it is very beautiful. “The Little Dance,” is a statue of a little ballet dancer, she is standing there as if she is waiting her turn to go on stage. There is something so simple in her pose, but also something strong. You know that she will be a great dancer. The funny story is that the girl that posed for Degas was very poor. She however, got into a dance school and became a well know ballet dancer. Her story is great one of moving up in the world. I am also sure the guard in that room thinks I have a mental problem. My jaw literally dropped when I saw “The Little Dance,” I asked if I could take a picture of it (I always check because so places don’t let you). And he gave me the strangest look, like I had just asked him if the sky was blue. It was funny. Then I stood there for about ten minutes just looking at it. I don’t know what that poor man was thinking!
They had miniatures! 

Cant really tell but this is a black skull pocket watch. Pirate maybe? 

Just thought this one was pretty

"The Little Dancer"

"The Little Dancer"

Monet's London bridge series. 

More Monet London bridges.

Henri Matisse



2nd century floor tiles

The Thinker by Rodin

Thought this one was nice

King George of England IV, the one in the dress

I thought this one was also pretty. I like the expressions.

This one is famous. Its the tale of a Crusader. The woman was supposed to kill him, but when she saw him, she could not. So they got together and spoke about the Lord.

So these little ladies were in the room with me. They were super adorable and funny. I could not resist taking a picture.

        I met up with Mary and we walked to PJs, which is this dive bar that is behind the Barnes and Nobel. Someday, my other life goal is to be a regular in a place, maybe not a bar, but somewhere. The food was pretty good. I had Old Bay fries (I don’t know if I can tell Ryan that Old Bay fries are not my favorite) and a Ruben. After eating and hanging out it was time for ice cream! Having a Coldstone Creamery a block from my apartment may be an issue, but a very delicious issue! Well it has been a very long but productive day! To write again later!

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