Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Corn Beef and Gangsters

June 7, 2011

     This morning another group of 125 8th graders came into the museum! I was a little nervous about them. I had not had my coffee and was not sure I could handle them. Luckily, they were good! I only had to tell one kid not to touch something! They did not really ask any questions but were amazed at the replica of an outhouse we have. “You mean you had to pee in that thing? And there was no toilet paper?” Fantastic. Ryan over heard one kid says, “They had Pepsi back then? (the then being a picture from the 80’s). I did not get to watch the Immigrant Trunk show today; instead I had a meeting about the Brews and Schmooze program I am helping put together!
     The museum is going to start a First Thursday of the month program called Brews and Schmooze. The museum will be open late and people will get to come in and look around, eat, drink, and sometimes take away a little craft. It’s going to be awesome (hopefully). So if you know anyone in Baltimore tell them to come down to the Jewish Museum of Maryland on July 7 at 6 for our very first one! Did I mention that I am helping with the advertising J! After my meeting and Ryan finished up with the school group (I know I left him with all the kids, bad fellow intern) we headed up the street to Attman’s Deli. OH MY GOD THE CORN BEEF!!!!! Ok so Attman’s has been a tradition for a very long time (its even in our museum) in the neighborhood that the JMM is in. Let me tell you it was worth the wait in line. I also got to make friends with this very nice lady behind me. I asked her if she came to Attman’s a lot to which she replied, “I have been coming here since I was a small thing. I remember when they had stalls outside and you could pick your own chicken. Then they would kill it and you would take it home.” She was really neat so I kept talking to her. She told me what was good and what to get (corn beef of course) and who to make my sandwich. She also told me to get the hot dog (which is wrapped in bologna) and the corn beef. Eat the hot dog first so your stomach is prepared for the goodness that is your corn beef sandwich. But it’s not healthy for you so you have to be good for the next couple of days. She was a hoot! So I took her advice and got the Ruben. IT WAS AWESOME! Melt in my mouth good! It was hot and melty and there was sauce, so good. Did I mention it was the best lunch I have had in Baltimore so far? To top it off I had a Dr. Brown’s Cream soda and Crab Chips (Old Bay flavored chips, I am telling you they put Old Bay on everything). After lunch, it was back to work. At about 2 o’clock some people came through for a tour at 2:30 Elena was super busy so I volunteered to take the people through. However, I kinda forgot that I have never given a tour. Oops. But it was all good in the hood. Ryan quizzed me on the material and Elena helped with the Hebrew names and I was set to go (I did have cheat cards to help me). Ryan cam with me to make sure I covered everything and to show the group the ritual baths. All in all no one laughed at me or complained to the boss so I am guessing I did a decent job! The tour consisted of a couple from Canada and two ladies from Israel. After the tour, I worked for a bit longer and then it was time to get ready for my first Fluid Movement practice.
     I got to the park and waited with the other group members. Everyone was a bit quite, but they all seem fairly nice. The directors are this adorable couple Sid and April Pink and Patti (So my directors are called Patti and the Pinks, epic band name, I think so). We went over the play, which sounds super funny! My scene is the opening act! We get to be gangsters. I wont say much about costumes but they are going to be fan-tab-u-lous! Just think 1930 gangsters but with more glitter. We played couple of get to know you games (Thank you Converse College for preparing me for such games) and then we called it a night. I did not realize that the park was a little over a mile and a half from my Apartment so I may be adventurous and walk but I am going to check out the route a bit more (don’t worry dad I will make sure its safe). Then I went home made a salad, I am trying to be good and eat right! Its hard though when there are two pizza joints, a pub, Starbucks, and a Cold Stone on your block. Well better hit the sack got to get up extra early in the morning to go help out with a school!  


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